Report an Invader



Anishinabek Invasive Species Hotline at

 1-844-872-2348 (1-844-TRACE-IT)

  • Invasive species are introduced and spread through various routes including:

    • Shipping vessels and containers
    • Recreational and commercial boating
    • International, national and regional travel
    • International trade
    • Movement and release of live bait
    • Aquarium and water garden trade
    • Live food fish trade
    • Unauthorized deliberate introductions
    • Artificial canals
    • Horticulture and gardening
    • Landscaping seed mixtures
    • On wildlife, livestock, pets and people
    • Firewood
  • Invasive species can be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove once established. Please help to prevent the introduction and/or spread of invasive species.

    You can help:

    • Learn how to identify invasive species that are a threat to your community
    • Don’t use potentially invasive plants when gardening and landscaping
    • Never release live fish from one water body in another one
    • Never release aquarium or pond animals or plants in natural waters
    • Inspect your boat, motor, or trailer and remove aquatic plants
    • Drain water from your boat, motor, bilge and live-well before moving
    • Use local firewood
    • Stay on trails and clean mud and debris from your boots
    • Report new sightings – take a photo and call the Hotline 1-800-555-1234