Invaders of Turtle Island


  • Invasive species are great threats to the ecosystems of our lands and waters. At the time of first contact with Europeans, the cultures and economies of First Nations were based on relationships with living natural resources that had developed over countless generations.  The damage done to ecosystems by invading species, therefore, has had, and continues to have, substantial negative effects on First Nations as well as on the native species on which their economic and cultural practices have been built.

  • This site is intended to facilitate discussions in First Nation communities of the continuing threats posed by invasive species, the damage done by past introductions of invasive species and the options available for stopping their spread and dealing with their effects. In addition to providing information we will be seeking input from community members about the spread of invasive species in their territories, and their local effects.

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    Water Plants

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    Land Plants

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    Invasive Fish

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    Forest Pests

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  • As we develop our program
    we will feature a variety of tools including:

    • Downloadable invasive species fact sheets;
    • Interactive range maps illustrating the distribution of invasive species;
    • Publicity for invasive species awareness and management projects in First Nations territories;
    • Links to useful sites with information and tools of use to communities dealing with invasive species;
    • Educational materials for invasive species prevention.